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Custom Orthotics and Diabetic Foot Care in Barboursville, West Virginia

Orthotics - Podiatry in Barboursville, West Virginia Dr. Borowski

Custom orthotics
can solve a wide range of foot problems and don't require any surgical procedures. Some potential problems can be prevented before they begin with the help of these inserts. If you are experiencing discomfort, it's time for a visit to Dr. Borowski to find out if orthotics could help alleviate your foot pain. Arthritis, heel pain and bunions can be eased with the right shoe inserts. Problems caused by high arches and flat feet may also be improved with orthotics.

Individualized Orthotics for Your Needs

People who complain about chronic foot pain are often ready for custom orthotics. All custom orthopedics are fabricated in a professional laboratory from an impression of your foot and made following the doctor's specifications to meet your unique needs.

Don't neglect your foot health. Visit Dr. Borowski to begin discussing treatment options, today.